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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If the stream stops or won’t load, refresh the page and click the play button to reload. Please ensure that you have a stable Internet connection that is fast enough for video and audio streaming. We apologize for any possible interruptions or technical difficulties that may arise during performances.

  • Due to the limits of our live performance licensing, concerts can only be broadcast live and are not available after the performance in any form.

  • Not all School of Music performances will be livestreamed. Only the concerts that are listed on the livestreaming schedule will be streamed. Typically, the larger performing groups and all required student recitals are livestreamed.

  • No. Due to our licensing contracts, live streamed concerts may only be viewed via School of Music concert streaming.

  • Due to copyright law and licensing, copying, capturing, recording audio and/or video of a digital livestream performance is a breech of copyright law. We provide this service to the public and maintain the right to block, revoke, or disable this service at any time. See our privacy notice on the information we collect.

  • No. Occasionally, we may not show images and/or video and/or audio clips on the livestream. This is because we strictly follow all livestream guideline policies set forth by the University and the Copyright Office (information found here).

  • Yes, we have some arrangements and recording available for sale. Information can be found through BYU's record label on their store. Many of our touring groups have albums for sale.

  • Glad to hear. Please contact us using our contact page.